We are looking for staff

If you think you can qualify as a staff and contribute in some way, you may apply. Join's discord, or send us a facebook message. Explain reasonably your skills and what you can contribute with. The more you write and invest, the higher your chances to join are. We are looking for someone who genuinely wishes to have an impact on the game, and to be a part of the people who grow it. Whether you know image design and you can create GOOD banners, logos, headers, ads, or if you know web design and can improve the current agma layouts or improve the main menu of, to being a marketer who advertises the game and comes up with smart creative solutions for improvement, to anything you may come up with and work with which will be meaningful. Credits and Thanks

A special thanks to...

For being a loyal long term member of AGF. Always helping out, giving suggestions, and being trustworthy. Thank you.

For being an absolute genius, contributing with ideas, resources, and content and more. Thank you!

Deserves a medal of honor. Seriously. One in a millionx100. For the right cause, moral, responsible, humble and good-hearted.

For being supportive, no matter what, in any way possible. Always being around. Thank you

For being a very helpful staff member. Consistent, loyal, trustworthy, considerate and passionate.

For always being around and helpful, through history, past the present, and into the future. Thank you so much Demone for everything you have contributed with. Just like Light, consistent, loyal, trustworthy, considerate and passionate.

For taking initiative to help, create new design and creative suggestions for improving agma.

For helping moderate and being consistently supportive.

For supporting agma, working creatively and taking powerful initative without being told so.

For being a sweet and wonderful member of AGF. Helping and suggesting improvements, managing and supporting.

For being a great individual who's always helping, suggesting, and coming with new graphics for agma.

For being a great friend of AGF and sharing so much wisdom with the community. Words are not enough to describe this fantastic person.

For always being supportive, bringing feedback and vision to the game.

run SPOT run
For always stepping up for the right, and showing the world that things are sometimes easier than thought. Thank you for the support.

For bringing new colors to the forums. Shining with a bright personality and sparking smiles upon people's faces.

For being a very productive member of agf, always coming with new forum ideas.

For always greeting members and sharing some of your great personality with the world. Thank you for the support.

For being a unique, fun, loyal, and intellectual friend. Thanks for being around and sharing you with us.

For creating amazing design for agma.

For coming up with amazing gamemodes and designs.

For contributing a bunch with design, layouts, and content for the agma youtube channel.

For being an active staff member, supporting, and managing the agma discord

This list does not represent all the amazing members on AGF and Agma. There are numerous members who are absolutely amazing, but they have yet to contribute in some way to both AGF and Agma in order to be on this list. If you cannot see your name on this list, and you feel you should be on it, then make some efforts to shine and show yourself as a helpful member who deserves a spot amongst the credits. Do not ask to be placed here, it will come as a reward.