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Player-made donations is a great way to show your appreciation to the game, community, and developers. All donation money goes to covering the costs of server hosting, maintenance, development, advertising and other fundamental aspects. We encourage those who can to donate whatever amount they feel comfortable with and reward that generosity handsomely. But, of course, those who are not able to donate, or simply do not want to, will not be disadvantaged.

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Donating means you're also supporting a good cause!

We truly appreciate donations. Therefore we would like to express your generosity with donating 20% of your donation to several organizations, including SOS-Children's Villages. We know that a lot of children around the world live in difficult environments with no money, causing them to be completely unable to even be as close as you are, to playing an online game. With hunger, sickness, and poverty, they strive throughout the day. Together with you, we wish to give a little portion to be a part of the community which makes a difference. Even small amounts of donations make huge differences for poor children. It can mean the difference of saving a child from hunger. We wish to take this ethical stance by including it in this game. - Agma Team