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Are you seeking an adventurous, and highly addictive game? If so, agma is the right game for you.
Started from a project in 2015, agma today has more than 10,000 players every day. Monthly updates are made to the game, based on the community's requests, in order to deliver the best features exactly how the players want them. Some of the attractive features agma has are:

  • Shop, items, powerups, and inventory system. Drag and drop items from your inventory to the map, or on other players
  • Friendlist system - see online friends and message them directly from the game
  • Rewards, spinning wheel, highscores, secret rooms, minions
  • Wearables (Hats, glasses, shoes) and Custom Skins to have on your cells
  • New gamemodes such as Tournaments, Domination, Football, Island Zombies (Coming Soon)
  • Active staff and community

Bunch of in-game features


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Did you know?

Playing agma improves your cognitive reflexes and focus. As a player, you have to grasp and react instantly to threats by other players in order to survive and grow your cells. You have to focus and calculate each and every move you, and your opponents are going to take, in order to combat them with the best actions. Agma improves your non-verbal communication. You have to play strategically whether it is with your teammate or opponent, slightly hinting each of them what your next move will be. Whether it is tricking your opponent into believing you are going to split so that he does a mistake and you can eat him, or to hint your teammate that you want him to split into you and tricksplit