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Scroll down. Select your package. Press "Buy with PayPal". If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also pay without registering and only using a payment card. You will be redirected to Paypal.com for payment. After you have paid, your items will instantly be added to your agma.io account, and you may enjoy either dropping your items on the map and having a drop party, or using them and combating enemies.

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"I decided to buy powerups and I remember just dropping a bunch of viruses on everyone around me and shooting 360 shots like a maniac. All players around me just destroyed like I was a god. I won't forget that moment, best moment in my gaming history. Definately going to buy more powerups"

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Buy now and spare a lot of cash by buying item packs instead of items in the game shop for coins.
Buying "60 of all" package would cost you $90 worth of coins, but you get it for only $19 here.
Imagine how many items you can use/drop when you have 60 of each


5 of All

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Receive 5 of all powerups + 25 shots
Spare $5 free


15 of All

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Receive 15 of all powerups + 75 shots
Spare $15 free


30 of All (POPULAR)

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Receive 30 of all powerups + 100 shots
Spare $35 free


60 of All (INSANE)

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Receive 60 of all powerups + 200 shots!
Spare $70 free


180 of All

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Receive 180 of all powerups + 400 shots
Spare $214 free


360 of All (UNREAL)

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Receive 360 of all powerups + 600 shots!
Spare $440 free

Agma.io Drop Party (Dropping lots of items in game)

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