Gold Member - Get Amazing Features!

It's simple, takes less than 5 minutes, and you get a bunch of INSANE benefits!

What is a Gold Member?

Agma gold member simply means your account gets access to:

  • Gold-only exclusive skins
  • Gold nickname when you play
  • Freeze your cell by pressing F
  • Crown next to your nickname when you chat
  • ++ AND MORE

You can see a list of all benefits further down below.

So how do you become a gold member?

If you would like to receive these amazing features, read below. Otherwise, you should close this page!

Before guiding you how to become a gold member, you should know that the price to become gold member is even cheaper than an Ice Cream! And the gold membership lasts for 1 entire month. Every minute spent playing the game, is exceptionally better when you're a gold member. Because of the fact that you have so many more benefits, features, your gaming experience becomes much better. After all, why not put in that little of an amount if you're already playing? It'll boost your joy, comfort, value in game, and make other players look up to you! And on a side note, we donate 20% of YOUR sum to the charity SOS-Children's Villages! So you benefit both from the moral perspective of donating to charity, as well as receiving gold member!

And the price is..?

Only $4 for 1 entire month. Nothing more. You spend a little of your time (3 minutes) below to pay through PayPal.

Give it a try. $4 is not much, but can mean a lot.

What do I get as a Gold member?

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Gold Member-Only Skins

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Access to skins only for Gold Members

Golden Nickname

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Gold Nickname on your cells when you play

G Crown when you chat

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Gold Crown in chat!

2X (Double) Starting Mass

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Double mass when you spawn in!

Unlimited Freeze Cells (Press F)

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Freeze your cells by pressing F Key!

Cloak Invisibility (Press i)

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Make your cells invisible by pressing i Key!


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Get access to the gold crown hat wearable!

Toggle Skins on Minions

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Turn on random skins for your minions

Hold 2x as many powerups!

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Hold up to 18 recombine powerups in your inventory (normal member can hold max 9)

No more video ads!

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As a gold member you can disable video ads in the settings!

Extra user settings

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Set skins on minions, and get large view render distance!

Become a gold member instantly, right now

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Simply enter your friends username, pay for gold-member, and the user will receive 1+ months of gold member

Choose how long you would like to be a gold member for:


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Gold membership means you're also supporting a good cause!

By upgrading your account, you support the project of Agma and the expenses which are followed by hosting the game. We truly appreciate your contribution. It means a lot to us, and we wish to thank you in any possible way. Therefore, we have included a list of names of contributers, where 20% of your payment goes to several organizations, including the organization SOS-Children's Villages. We know that a lot of children around the world live in difficult environments with no economic strength, rendering them completely unable to even be as close as you are, to playing an online game. With hunger, sickness, and poverty, they strive throughout the day. With your help, and our donations, we wish to give a little portion (and as much as we can) to be a part of the community which makes a difference. Even small amounts of donation makes huge differences for poor children. It can mean the difference of saving a child from hunger. We wish to take this ethical stance by including it in this game. Just imagine if everyone could give a little more than what they take. Small steps are big steps. The best part for you, is that you will both benefit from agma gold member features, and contribute to charity at the same time.
Yours gratefully,
Agma Team